Customized digital marketing strategy from an in-house proprietary framework

With a prior extensive background in a leading business consulting firm, Digital Bites has combined the use of business consulting framework together with an in-depth Facebook Marketing knowledge to offer a truly customized and measurable digital marketing solution to clients.

When marketing becomes scientific and measurable

Digital Bites strongly believes in a data-driven approach whenever possible. We do not stop at “Reach” and “Engagement” optimization but go all the way to “Conversion” optimization because, ultimately, a marketing strategy is only successful when it can convert prospective customers into sales.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We devise the right digital marketing strategy through understanding your business direction, your target customers and your product/service positioning.

Facebook Technical Service

We work with your team to map out all possible customer journeys; both online and offline, in order to identify the effective areas for Facebook Technical Tools.

Social/Conversational Commerce

As a ManyChat Agency Partner, we can strategize a customized customer journey for social commerce to automate manual tasks and retarget audiences to uplift campaign results.

Marketplace CPAS Solution

We offer a consulting-based approach in optimizing advertising results by integrating Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS) for Marketplaces into Facebook Ads campaigns

Creative Strategy Service

Develop the strategic skills for the clients to create insight-driven creative briefs and planning, and drive better results across digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

We are Facebook Business Partner

Get ahead of your competitors with Facebook Technical Tools

Only a proper implementation of Facebook Technical Tools will give you an edge to your digital marketing strategy as you can measure your campaign result more accurately and, thus, take the right corresponding business actions. No garbage in, garbage out!

As a certified Facebook Business Partner, Digital Bites is confident in integrating technical tools into your Facebook strategy to increase your campaign effectiveness.

Our Team

We are a team with diverse backgrounds, ranging from business consulting, business development, UX/UI to computer science but what we have in common is our prior hands-on work experience in logically solving real business problems for corporates of all sizes. Therefore, we pride ourselves in truly understanding how corporations work and how to smoothly integrate digital marketing solutions into the bigger business strategy in a scientific and measurable way.

Hands-on Approach

To create the best long-term impact, our team works closely with your staff to build the necessary skillsets.


Words from Our Clients

“I consider Digital Bites as my true business partner. They always act in my best interests by thinking long-term and focusing mainly in maximizing sales conversion.”

— Win Thanapisitikul, CEO of Supara group (GQ Brand Owner)

“Digital Bites’s deep insights into social media advertising is unmatched. They focus on delivering real business results, not just likes or clicks. We see significant growth in our sales thanks to their help.”

Obb Siamseranee, MD of Wakingbee

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